Dozens in Killeen protest actions of Puerto Rico governor


KILLEEN, Texas – A large demonstration took place in Killeen on Monday night in protest of the governor of Puerto Rico.

They want Ricardo Rosselló to step down because of comments made in a secret online group. Those comments demean women, the survivors of Hurricane Maria, and even those killed by the 2017 storm.

Puerto Rican natives of all ages were a part of the demonstration demanding Rosselló’s resignation. Several protesters FOX44 spoke with say they are simply fed up.

“To see the demise of the public health system, education system, everything there is so different from here. And it’s mainly due because of the corrupt government,” says protester Stephanie Torres.

“From here, we’re just trying to let Puerto Rico know that we support because our heart is still over there in Puerto Rico,” says protester Raisa Noa.

A couple in Killeen who were just on the island weeks ago say what they are demanding is accountability and an investigation.

“Give back what belongs to Puerto Rico. If he cannot do his job, then he should be removed from office. They should have an investigation to find out where did the money go, how the money was used, and give it to whoever needs it,” protesters Carmen and Pete Hernandez say. “He says not just this government, all of the governments, they have to find a new reform to bring Puerto Rico back to the Puerto Rico that it could always be.”

Killeen protestors say they are hoping to send a direct message to the governor.

“We want you out right now. We want you gone. We want you to return the money that you stole. We want you to return the piece of our people, man,” says protester Carlos Figueroa.

One protestor described her emotion as righteous anger, and says she was proud to see her generation take a stand: “This is the generation that’s going to teach our future generations that we’re not going to take corruption. We’re not going to take anything that the government spits out. That they don’t promise. We’re not going to take it. We’re going to stand up for what we believe in.”

So far there has been no action taken by the governor in Puerto Rico, but protesters are hoping their demonstrations will change this.

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