Waco, TX (FOX 44) — After a hiatus of nearly two decades, a ribbon cutting and proclamation was held Friday evening at East Waco’s Bridge Street Plaza for Harambe Revival Day.

Harambe is a Swahili term meaning “Let’s All Pull Together,” and that is what the East Waco community is doing — networking and celebrating for the future.

Harambe started off as a celebration in Kenya that quickly went international.

North East Riverside Neighborhood Association President Janette Bell worked with community leaders and organizations to make the revival possible.

“We got to revive this. A lot of African American history is lost, so we got the revival. One thing we need to do is create memories, and that’s what we’re doing is creating memories,” said Bell.

Tneyah Thomas has been in Waco for seven years and says this an important event to have in East Waco.

“The community around knows they can go somewhere, anywhere in their own neighborhood and have that community and feel heard and have a safe space to express themselves, dance, listen to music that’s not just the club or something,” said Thomas.

Food, music, local businesses, voter registration and community resources were all set up for attendees.

“It’s all about making Waco a bigger, better place to live. It’s multicultural tourism, shopping, dining, overnight lodging,” said Bell.

Bell says this Harambe revival will be the first of many.

“I want y’all to come on out and have a good time. Let’s all come together as one unit, one love. The only race is the human race,” said Bell.

If you weren’t able to come out Friday. The celebration is going to continue Saturday from 3 – 9 P.M. at Bridge Street Plaza.