ODESSA, Texas (Big 2/ Fox 24) – A local high school student creates a special Christmas card that will be sent out statewide as a holiday greeting. We introduce you to an amazing, young woman who tells us what inspired her to highlight a historic building in our community.

The Ector Theatre in Odessa is being brought to life on a Christmas card.

“I decided to draw The Ector Theatre just because they’re trying to revitalize downtown,” said Vivianna Menchaca, Permian High School Senior.

She came up with the holiday design and it took her just three weeks.

Menchaca said, ” I know a lot of things that people hear about Odessa are bad things but we’re trying to make our town better.”

Sophie Cruz, a 9-year-old Odessa resident, said, “That is so cool, I like all the colors.”

Menchaca entered an art contest held by the ECISD Administration. Hundreds of students entered.

“This was my first year of being in art and I really didn’t think I had a chance,” said Menchaca.

Shelby Zamora, an Odessa Resident, said, “I definitely hope it raises awareness for our area. We’re more than just the oil and gas industry. Although that is a big part and it is important, there’s a lot more to Odessa than just that.”

There’s also a lot more to Menchaca than just her amazing artwork.

“I graduated from Odessa College recently with three associates degrees: psychology, sociology and general studies,” said Menchaca.

She’s only a senior and even graduating high school early.

“I want to get my doctorate in psychology and the end goal is to do something with forensic psychology,” said Menchaca.

It seems the skies the limit for the Odessa resident.

As for the district Christmas card, it will include Menchaca’s drawing as well as one from the elementary and middle schools. It will be sent out to other districts and state leaders in Texas.