The family of murdered Hillsboro woman describes the motive for her shooting ten months ago. 

Tomeka Womack says her cousin Deonshira Slider was gunned down at the Crestview Apartments due to jealousy and rage. 

Police have charged two people with Slider’s death. Their names are Edgar Barr Lazcano and Cecola Jean Mozon-Wallace.

Womack says, “It was more than one person involved so for them to have both people in custody is a great news to us.” 

Womack explains the connection between Slider and the two people in custody. 

She says, “Slider had no relationship with the man who actually did the shooting, she was dating the ex husband of the woman that’s in custody. She (Wallace)  is the one who put together this whole thing and he was just dumb enough to carry it out.”

Lazcano has his bond set at $1 million, while Wallace has hers set at $2 million. 

The victim’s cousin says Wallace use to stalk and harass Slider. 

Womack says, “They act like a complete psychopath, jealousy and rage, yeah she has no remorse for what she’s done.”

While the family now focuses on raising the little boy, they’re not letting go of their loved one’s death. 

Womack says, “We are not gonna stop until we get justice, we want her on a one way ticket to a prison.”

The family says the victim’s mother is now taking care of the little boy who turned five on Sunday.  

Womack says the grandmother has been through a lot as she not only lost her daughter, but the very next day she lost her son in a car accident. She also battles serious health issues.