A family of nine is safe tonight after their home catches on fire off Bosque Boulevard in Waco.
Family members say they are lucky to be alive, but the house is a complete loss.

Ten years of memories, gone in seconds.

“Stuff…. its generations of stuff that, I mean, you cant get it back…you cant get it back,” said family member Tiwanna Hutchinson.

A family of nine is lucky to be alive after a fire ripped through  their two story home around 5:45 AM Monday morning off Bosque Boulevard in Waco.

“And the total back of the house or whatever was on fire. So, we just got everybody out ” said Ruby Satchell the homeowner who says she doesn’t know how it started. But other family members think it may have been electrical.

“We’re thinking it was an electrical fire but by how fast the fire accelerated were thinking otherwise, because an electrical fire does not spread that quickly” said family member Travon Satchell.

The entire home, 4 cars, two car ports — and a camper — all gone. Firefighters say the camper’s gas tank helped fuel the flames. Going inside you can see, there’s nothing left.

” And I’ll be trying to find a house or something to rent…until then, you know,” said Ruby.

But the family remains in high spirits, saving what they can, and feeling blessed that they all made it out safe.

“Yes we all did, thank god for that, thank god for that. I mean, we all made it out, we all made it out” said Hutchinson.