Family speaks out after kidnapping


Investigators believe eleven-year-old Hunter, nine-year-old Dylan, and four-year-old Levi are all in danger after their parents are accused of abducting them during a supervised CPS visit. 

“They went and kind of had a supervised visit as normal, but ended up taking the boys towards the end of it. Putting them in the car and then just leaving. It all happened, from what I understand, pretty quickly,” says Reid Blundell, the uncle of the boys. 

According to court documents, Jeffrey and Maria Gilseth lost custody of their kids last May following reports of family violence. The three boys had been staying with Maria’s parents on Fort Hood since then, and having weekly supervised visits with their parents in Killeen. 

Blundell says he has no idea why they would take the boys. 

“It came as a great shock that he and she would even do this. Especially since there had been so many supervised visits that kind of went like they were supposed to. So it’s kind of anyone’s guess,” Blundell says.

Blundell says maybe they were afraid they weren’t going to regain custody.

“They were coming up on the one year mark, I believe, for the custody hearing. So I’m not sure if there was concern that it wasn’t going to go in their favor,” Blundell says.

But Jeffrey’s attorney says this couldn’t be true, calling them model parents since CPS took custody. 

“Now I obviously don’t condone taking the children and running from them, but I can sure understand it. Because the parental feeling you have for your kids when someone is unjustly trying to stand in the way is huge,” says Eddie Shell, Jeffrey’s attorney.

Shell says the Gilseths have been doing everything they can to get their kids back.

“Everybody in this case, from the judge to CPS, have made comments about how over the top these parents were about completing these requirements,” Shell says.

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