Food truck vendors claim they got cheated out of money at Texas Food Truck Showdown


The Texas Food Truck Showdown this past weekend in Waco is raising eyebrows after several food truck vendors claim they didn’t get all their money.

Vendors say the “Magic Money” cards used during the event cheated them out of hundreds in cash.

“I already know what I was ran through, I was ran through loops because you guys didn’t pay what you were supposed to,” said Shane McCoy, Mac Daddy’s Grill and Catering Food Truck Owner.

On Monday, McCoy confronted the Waco Chamber of Commerce because he says they owe him $1,300.

“When I looked at the scanners it showed that I had only scanned 421 items, I thought, there’s no way that’s possible,” said McCoy.

This year the chamber used a company called Magic Money. They sold “Tasty Ticket” cards that were used from 10am to 4pm during the event. The vendor scanned the cards and at the end of the day, had a tally of how many $5 items they sold.

“There was several times where people ordered more than just one single item, there was a lot of times where people ordered 5 or 6 at a time. They are not adding in the extras, they’re only counting the one scan that you did, even if someone bought multiple items,” said McCoy.

McCoy is not alone, several other food truck vendors say they are also missing hundreds of dollars.

“The discrepancy is somewhere around 100, so that would be around 300 dollars,” said DeUndre Zachery, Owner of Ragin’ Cajun Louisiana Kitchen.

“We’re short about 300 bucks and I didn’t get a chance to see that until late last night,” said Will Tennison, Owner of 375 Klassy Kitchen.

In a statement, the Waco Chamber of Commerce says in part “The Chamber made it clear through training and communications to the food truck vendors that the sales count provided through the hand-held electronic scanner is the count that would be used for the financial reimbursement to the food truck vendors. During the competition, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., no food truck vendors voiced concerns regarding scan count discrepancies.”

McCoy says that’s not true.

“There was three food vendor owners talking to Amanda when I walked up and talked to her and we all had the same issue that we were not paid enough,” said McCoy when confronting the Chamber.

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