A former employee is speaking out against a Copperas Cove daycare facility.

State officials opened an investigation into the Turkey Creek Junior Academy this week after allegations of a shaken baby. 

Copperas Cove Police performed a closed investigation on the daycare center and said they didn’t have enough solid information to make any arrests. The Department of Family Protective Services has also wrapped up their case. Still, a former employee wants more to be done.

“I knew something big like that would happen,” a former employee said. 

The child abuse allegations surrounding Turkey Creek Junior Academy in Copperas Cove are not surprising to a former employee from over a decade ago who does not want to be identified.  

“It’s been going on for years and nobody has done anything about it,” she said. 

According to DFPS, in the past three years the daycare has racked up 30 violations in 20 inspections.

Just last month, they were cited for leaving a baby in a crib with a bottle and for an instructor yelling at children. 

The former employee says she witnessed verbal and physical abuse toward children during the time she worked there in 2004. 

“I did witness some infants being shaken. Numerous times the owner of the building was alerted to this. Yet she still chose to do nothing,” she said. 

Now she wants the day care center shut down. But she’s not sure that will happen. 

“It’s not going to happen. I feel like they’re going to get slapped on the wrist,” she said. 

We did reach out to administrators at Turkey Creek Junior Academy, but they declined to comment.