Former Hewitt councilman plans to files civil rights complaint against city


Former Hewitt Councilman Kurt Krakowian says a brief encounter caught on Facebook Live
may spark a federal civil rights complaint.

Krakowian says his civil rights were violated on Monday night when he attended the City Council meeting, resigning amid discrimination and harassment complaints against him.

This video shows Hewitt Police Chief Jim Devlin briefly preventing former Hewitt City Councilman Kurt Krakowian from the City Council meeting on Monday night. The video has pushed Krakowian to file a civil right complaints against the city.

“They’re going to criminally trespass you,” Devlin told Krakowian.
“I’m a citizen,” said Krakowian.

Krakowian went live on Facebook as he entered City Hall, and caught the confrontation.

“Why?,” Krakowian asked.
“Because there’s an ongoing hostile work environment complaint and you’re disruptive,” Devlin says.

“Can you believe this? I can’t come into a place that I’m a tax player for?,” said Krakowian. “I’m not just doing it for anything except for everyone has the right to go into any public meeting. What they’re trying to do is intimidate people for going out.”

Krakowian and Mayor Ed Passalugo currently have complaints filed against them by two female employees alleging harassment and discrimination.

“They forced me out because of intimidation. Cause they keep bring up these frivolous complaints,” Krakowian says.

No criminal charges have been filed.

An internal investigation into the discrimination and harassment complaints continues. The plaintiffs want the findings of the investigation made public because Mayor Passalugo is still in office.

“Our clients want some transparency about the investigation that was conducted. That was paid for by the city. We believe that Mayor Passalugo should resign immediately,” says Attorney Ryan Johnson.

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