Waco, TX (FOX 44) — Donald Trump landed in Waco near 6 Saturday evening at the Waco Regional Airport to start his 2024 election campaign for president.

He spoke on a variety of issues he wants to tackle and where he’s at right now amid controversy facing a possible indictment.

Trump spoke on fighting back against the democratic party calling them communists and enabling problems on the border and in the economy.

He called this chapter in America corrupt and depraved reminding the audience of his slogan “Make America Great Again”.

As he faces media attention surrounding his possible indictment and tax returns, Trump says he’s being targeted by the U.S. government and will overcome the obstacles.

Trump adds his time his needed in the office saying how in Biden’s presidency China grew in international power, the increase in fentanyl coming across the border, and tiktok being a threat to national security.

He touched on gender identity to ban sex changes in children calling it mutilation

In the educational sector he has plans to ban critical race theory and reform the education system to empower parent choice.

In the energy sector he wants the US to be energy independent not relying on other countries.

Trump says we’re heading into world war three and if elected will prevent this from happening

Trumps plane landed here near 6 and Trump currently has the highest poll count for the 2024 republican primary nomination.