FORT HOOD, Texas – Families get a chance to witness first-hand what their Army relatives do on post at Fort Hood.

On Wednesday, the families were treated to live fire training from tanks and a helicopter landing. They say they are really grateful for the opportunity.

“We hear the stories, but it’s neat getting to see just what they do during the day,” says Caitlin Hansberry, the wife of a soldier.

Bradley Crew in the 1st Cavalry Division showed off their weapon skills in front of a crowd.

“To see the whole units working together and everybody working together to accomplish the mission is really neat,” Hansberry says.

Kids got to enjoy a personal tour of the tanks and see how the equipment works. This shooting exercise also qualifies the crews for their main weapon system and improves readiness.

“So we try to incorporate family members in what we do as much as possible. You need to have the support of the family to enable to troopers to do their best,” says Sgt. Dean Pfirman.

The soldiers also took part in medical helicopter evacuation training.

“It was just really neat to see him in work mode. Everytime we’ve ever witnessed any of his work it has been paperwork or in the office, or something like that. And getting to see him in action is pretty cool,” Hansberry says.

Family days aren’t very often, but the Army says they do love when they are able to come.