Fort Hood hosts annual Thanksgiving DFAC Competition


Fort Hood’s top chefs got into the Thanksgiving spirit on Wednesday without hitting the road.

They went head to head for the annual Thanksgiving DFAC Competition.

Each year soldiers from different brigades battle it out to see who serves the best meal, and offered the best holiday treats and decorations.

“It’s a way for our great cooks, dining facility professionals to say thank you to the soldiers who defend them when they are out on the front lines, so it’s a great day,” said Lt. Gen. Paul E. Funk II, Commanding General for Three Corps Fort Hood.

Everything from delicious food, incredible cakes and ice sculptures dominated Wednesday’s display from the Central Fort Hood Dining Facility.

“Our theme today since we are in Texas, our team was cowboy western theme, we got a little cowboy decorations we went with the Calvary because we are cav so we wanted to show respect to the history of the Calvary soldier,” said Sergeant First Class Cedric Jones with Four-Nine Cav 2nd ABCT 1st Cav.

Preparing everything was no easy feat.

“I had some willful soldiers that came through, they pulled long hours for the last three weeks putting these displays together last night we started roasting over 29 whole pigs and 20 whole turkeys all night just to make sure we had enough for this meal today,” said Jones.

Skills that demonstrate what those soldiers can really do.

“They throw their talents out there, if you look at the ice sculpting and the cornucopias and the absolute skill that these men and women possess, this is what excellence looks like,” said Lt. Gen Funk II.

All, to bring a little piece of home to those who are away serving our country.

“Of Course I miss them but at the end of the day I have family here like this CO that I’m eating with right now, all of these people around us are part of our extended family,” said Jet Opinaldo soldier with the U.S. Army.

A winner will be announced next week, they will receive extra money to fund facility programs and of course, get their well-deserved bragging rights.

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