Fort Hood hosts Fourth of July celebration


Hundreds gathered at Fort Hood’s stadium to celebrate the Fourth of July on Wednesday night. 

July 4 marks a celebration of independence for veteran Jayne Furrow. As a former U.S. Navy sailor, she’s grateful for her freedom.  

“It’s the only country you can walk around and go, ‘I’m free to speak my mind.’ They served our country and they give us our freedom. We don’t have that in our country,” Furrow said. 

For others, the holiday is a time to enjoy spending with family, especially for Lexee Suarez. 

“Just gathering around your family and supporting each other. Especially when it comes to the military family,” Suarez said.

Decked in our nation’s colors, hundreds of people gather at Fort Hood Stadium for food, fun – and of course, fireworks. 

Navy veteran Sidney Jackson reflects on the time he served, valuing his American rights compared with other countries. 

“I’ve seen other countries and how they live, and what the government imposes on them and how they run their lives. I’m honored to be born here in America,” Jackson said. 

Most here will forever remember the reason they celebrate. 

“It’s good that we at least push one day aside to say, you know, as a nation let’s all celebrate this one day,” Jackson said.  

“We’re able to do this because of what all the people before us were able to do,” Furrow said.  

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