WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – The changing of Fort Hood’s name raises questions about the businesses and roads that are named after it.

Johnny Wade is the owner of the gun store nocked and loaded in Killeen. He says changing the name to Fort Cavasos is not a big deal for his business, which sits on S. Fort hood st.

“The name change doesn’t really make any difference,” says Wade.

Once the street name is changed, all he has to do is notify the federal firearms licenses office.

“We just have to inform them that there has been a name change and street name,” Wade adds.

To him, the big change will primarily be shifting our focus from the old Fort Hood name, to honoring the new name.

He says the decision to rename fort hood left some people wondering if the military base was just trying to help its reputation after the murder of Vanessa Guillen near Fort Hood in April 2020.

“If if everybody would take 5 minutes and do a little research, it would change their attitude,” the gun shop owner says.

Wade says Fort Cavasos is a name to be proud of.

“Go back to the man that is dedicated to, you know, change people’s minds,” he says.

He says, General Richard Cavasos had an incredible impact on the military, Texas, and the Nation.

“He was the first Hispanic Brigadier General– third corps. He was a Lieutenant General and then retired as a four-star General,” he says.

Cavasos was also a commanding general at Fort Hood.

“I talked to several people that worked or served under him. They said he was the finest man that they’d ever worked for,” Wade says.

He hopes this name change will inspire those who work at fort hood.

“They will be proud to work at Fort Cavasos,” he adds.