Ft Hood sex assault totals highest in DOD


The Department of Defense has released a report on adult sexual assault reports made at military installations around the world,  and while the total numbers for Fort Hood  were the highest of any installation in it, the report notes that is partially because  the numbers refer to where the offenses are reported and partially because the installation is so large.

The report says in 2013 there were 207 cases reported, in 2014 there were 262 cases, in 2015 there were 195 and in 2016 there were 199 cases reported at Fort Hood

For comparison, sexual assault case totals reported for 2016  for Fort Jackson were 114, Fort Carson were 114, Fort Campbell were 126 and Fort Leonard Wood were 130

The numbers for Fort Hood were the highest number of cases listed in the report of any of the military installations in the U.S.

The report says it is important to note that the location of where a report was made does not necessarily mean the incident occurred  at that location.

That is because victims of sexual assault may report it at a time and place of their choosing.

That means that the incident might have occurred elsewhere including in the civilian sector or even before the victim entered military service.

The report noted that there are a number of factors that can contribute to the differences in numbers at different installations,  not the least of which is the difference in populations of the various locations.

The report also said that larger installations may also be managing larger numbers of cases due to greater availability of open positions, medical care and support facilities.

The Department of Defense uses the term ” sexual assault” to refer to a range of sex-related crimes punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

These range from rape to sexual contact crimes and attempts to commit them.

The overall numbers include not only those cases in which an offense is reported with a named suspect and legal action taken to those in which the victim seeks assistance in the form of various services including counseling.

In some of those cases, the offender is not a member of the military or even resident on a military installation.

Congress requires the Department of Defense to report the number of sexual assault allegations it receives each year involving service members.

The report comes from the Department of Defense with no actual statements issued from Fort Hood as of Friday morning.

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