Funeral held for fallen Fort Hood soldier


Many said their final goodbyes on Monday to a Fort Hood soldier killed in action.

Sgt. James Johnston was a soldier who was killed in Afghanistan on June 25.

Michael Byrd stood with fellow veterans holding flags outside of the services.

“I’m basically here to pledge my support for anybody who has served and our service to this great nation. It’s a great honor,” Byrd says.

Several funeral attendees wore Hawaiian shirts in place of traditional attire, a piece of clothing which Jamie loved.

“I know you all thought you were friends, but as soon as he took you guys in you became family to him. And that’s the highest honor that you could get from him, because he would do anything for his family,” says Johnston’s wife, Krista.

A representative from the U.S. Army Chief of Staff gave three folded flags to Johnston’s wife, mother, and father.

“He knew what he was getting into. He didn’t have to go, but he fought to go. Because it’s what he believes in. And I ask all of you who are in uniform to always be prepared and never forget. Never forget my son or all the brothers and sisters who have fallen before you,” says Johnston’s father, Richard.

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