Gatesville roads closed off due to rising water


Central Texas has seen a lot of flooding lately – especially the city of Gatesville.

While the rain has slowed down in parts of Central Texas, there are still flooding concerns near area rivers.

Coryell County crews have worked the past 24 hours to close down several roads because of rain but those living and working next to the Leon River have bigger concerns. Dean Smith is keeping an eye on the waterway.

“We’ve had plenty of rain and everything is wet. I don’t think anybody is lacking rainfall right now,” Smith said. “It’s just been a constant kind of slow rain it’s not been real fast. Luckily, it hasn’t flooded like it did before.”

Smith owns an RV park just a mile away, off of Highway 36. With the park full, he’s afraid of potential flooding onto his land.

“I worry about evacuating people, especially in RV’s this close, when it comes across that highway,” Smith said.

Paula Bohl stopped the highway, she thought about buying land by the river for a cattle ranch. Now, changing her mind.

“I am used to seeing this all as just a big green pasture and it being flooded this much really took me by surprise,” Bohl said. “Once it gets like this there is no way to get in, no way to get out. Livestock and stuff could drown.”

Coryell county deputies say they expect to see the Leon River rise to nearly 30 feet, however no evacuations have been called at this time.

Coryell County says they have been working on closing off roads since Monday. Right now they have County Road 142, FM-183 and parts of Purmela closed off from rising water.

The sheriff says no evacuations are being made at this time, but some owners are watching out for water along the Leon River.

“Just, I’m used to seeing this all of just green pasture, and it being flooded this time really took me by surprise. I thought I’d stop and take some pictures for myself. It looks like it’s at least four or five feet underwater,” says Coryell County resident Paula Bowl.

The sheriff is also urging these areas do have barricades, but if you are seeing high water in Coryell County – turn around and report it to authorities immediately.

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