Getting your car “heat-ready”


With heat reaching above the century mark, it’s important to keep an eye on your car.

“We actually keep thermometers in some of the cars and yesterday we had one that was about 156 degrees when we opened the door so hot, definitely,” said Bryan Mirick, with Christian Brothers Automotive.

No one likes getting into a hot car, our instinct is to automatically blast the A/C, but experts say that may not be a good idea.

“If you start with recirculate, and it’s 150 degrees, it takes it that much longer to cool that temperature down and make it where its comfortable,” said Mirick.

Mirick says you should first circulate the outside air.

“And then once the temperature in the cabin comes down, you can put your recirculate and at that point, it works like your house air conditioner it begins to cool the air inside the cabin making it cooler and cooler and cooler,” added Mirick.

If you think cracking a window could help, Bryan says you just leave yourself open to theft.

“Any additional built up from pressure gets vented out of the car naturally,” said Mirick.

As far as tires?

“Maintenance is the biggest thing on those, make sure the air pressure is good and the rotations have been done, and you should be fine as far as your tires go,” he said.

He recommends keeping an eye on you car’s temperature.

“Constantly watch the coolant level or the radiator fluid level, it’s critical to the cooling of the engine.”

Parker Brady drives his truck to College Station every weekend, that’s why he always checks things are running smoothly.

“I keep up with it so it shouldn’t give me any problems,” said Brady. “Oil change, all the maintenance on it, AC, make sure everything is running right.”

He says it’s important to not get careless.

“If you hear weird noises, I’d stop and look at it, I just wouldn’t keep going until it gets worse.”

Remember to never leave a person or pet inside a vehicle. It’s not only unsafe, it’s illegal and temperatures can easily climb to 130 degrees.

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