Temple, TX (FOX 44) — Governor Greg Abbott spoke at Central Texas Christian School Monday evening on empowering parents to make their own choices for their children.

The governor says multiple changes in society and discussions over what children should be taught in the classroom led up to today’s speech.

Abbott wants to work on the already existing school choice program to provide parents options on what education is best for their child.

The program was initially made to support special needs children with education savings accounts.

These accounts are owned by each school and the state provides funds.

Each school decides how they want to allocate it.

The governor wants to expand funding in these accounts so parents have the ability to choose where they want their children to learn.

He and others who spoke tonight say some classroom discussions are indoctrinating the youth in several areas.

“Schools should not be pushing woke agendas on our kids. We must reform our curriculum,” said Gov. Abbott. “We must get kids back to the basics of learning, and we must empower parents if we are going to be successful in education.”

Governor Abbott asked the audience to take a stand with him reaching out to other state representatives in getting this work done.

The four pillars governor Abbott’s team talked about in empowering parents to help him accomplish this are transparency, quality, respect, and to make the choice.

“You have the ability to determine the destiny of school choice in this state. I need you to stand up, stand with me and fight with me all the way to get this done for the kids of the great state of Texas,” said Gov. Abbott.

He also mentioned plans for the next legislative session to increase funding for public education and teacher raises.