Temperatures over the last two days have been in record lows, causing a hard freeze across the area.

This unusual weather is also taking its toll on local farmers. 

18-year-old Andrew Benson runs the Heart of Texas Farm in Robinson. 

“We haven’t had any loss yet. It’s been good,” Benson says.

Benson has had to work a little harder for the past few days to battle the elements. 

“We pray about it, so hopefully it will turn out all right and be good,” Benson says.

He owns about 2,000 blackberry plants and 1,500 chickens. A freeze now could mean the berries develop a fungus later in spring.

The plants have also started to bud and they could freeze off if temperatures get below 24 degrees, like on Monday night when temperatures plummeted to 20 degrees.

“The blackberries are usually pretty resilient in the cold, so not a whole lot happens to them. Hopefully it doesn’t effect the product with the buds freezing off, because the buds have come out. Hopefully we’ll be alright. And then the chickens, we just keeps lots of heat lamps on them,” Benson says.

The cold also means a drop in egg production from chickens, and the grass they are on doesn’t grow as fast. Plus, pipes running to the chicken houses can also burst and cause more headaches.

Despite all of this, Benson believes this will be his best year yet.

“I’m hoping its a good year. Hopefully the blackberries will make it through the cold and not have any issues with production,” Benson says. 

Benson thinks the blackberries will be ready for people to come pick in May.