Heat affecting local farmers


The extreme heat is affecting local farmers and their crops. With the lack of rain in Central Texas, farmers are struggling to harvest their corn.

Robert Fleming of Fleming Grain and Cattle sees only one thing as he looks at his farm.

“It’s going to be a real, real big disappointment for all the agriculture community here in Central Texas,” Fleming says.

We are more than ten inches below normal for rainfall this year in Central Texas.

“You know, we are all very disappointed. Because in the spring time, in the year, we had a really, really nice crop growing and everything. But we hit a really extreme dry May and very hot May, so that’s what caused us a lot of issues. May and June was very, a lot drier,” Fleming says.

“All the crops in Central Texas are affected, the cotton crop is hurt considerably. The millow crop is really, really hurt,” Fleming says.

Their cattle have also been impacted due to the lack of water.

“The cattle are severely affected mainly, because of….we don’t have the forge to feed them. And we just didn’t have a spring, so supplement feeding is in full swing pretty much throughout Central Texas on the livestock industry,” Fleming says.

Fleming says farmers aren’t the only ones being burned by the heat.

“The local economy will be hurting drastically, severely with this deal. Because there is not much money put in the economy with bad crop years,” Fleming says.

All of this is hurting him financially.

“In an agriculture industry, we have crop insurance – will help cover some of our direct costs, but it’s not all the costs. So that’s our safety net. And that’s what we have been fighting for. A good long while in the farm. Bills do not take away our safety net away from us, which our main deal is our crop insurance,” Fleming says.

He’s expecting to only harvest 30 percent of his normal crop.

“Difficult years are coming more frequently for us and making it a lot more difficult financially for land owners and producers, as well,” Fleming says.

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