HEB needs your help in collecting their goal of one million books for families in our community. 

Every store has a bin where customers can drop off their donation. 

The books will  be collected until September 27th. They will then be given to local libraries, schools, day cares and early childhood facilities. 

Only 37% of children arrive at kindergarten with reading skills and this is their way to increase that percentage according to HEB. 

“That’s something that we take to heart at HEB. We want to give back to the communities we serve with specifically education in mind,” said Tamra Jones, Public Affairs Manager. 

To engage teachers and students in the book drive, H-E-B is offering grants to schools that collect the most books through the School Book Drive Challenge. One school in each region will win a $1,000 grant to be used toward supporting a campus literacy initiative. Entry forms can be found here.  

Books collected in stores will be donated to children in need through schools, libraries, nonprofits and H-E-B’s annual Feast of Sharing dinners.

In many communities, H-E-B has partnered with schools and universities to provide family literacy and nutrition workshops that prepare 3 and 4-year-olds and their parents for kindergarten. To date, those workshops have served more than 4,200 families in 17 Texas cities.

Before completing the workshop, only 13 percent of families had 20 or more children’s books in the home and only 3 percent read to their children daily. After completing the workshop, 93 percent had 20 or more books and 33 percent read daily to their children.