The Hill County Sheriff’s Office says a 10 hour search for two jail escapees is over. 

Scott Robinson with the sheriff’s office says Billy Crelia and Corey Buckner escaped from the jail Saturday morning while working the jail kitchen. 

He says they jumped the fence and took off into the woods before they were found in Waco by the U.S. Marshalls. 

Geronimo Rocha who lives in the area says he is shocked and concerned about the jail’s security. 

He says, “It is unsettling it is kind of unnerving.”
The two inmates now face additional escape charges. 

Robinson says the two inmates knew each other before they were incarcerated here.

But how could this happen?

He says, “We haven’t start looking at how they managed to do it where the deficiencies might have been so that we can implement a policy to prevent it from occurring in the future.”

Robinson believes the two men planned this and had an accomplice help them as they were picked up by Highway 22. 

While Crelia and Buckner worked as trustees – inmates with privileges, after escape they became a threat. 

Robinson says, “Anytime somebody is on the run and looking at long prison sentence then if cornered they can certainly pose a danger to the general public.”

Robinson believes this is the first time anyone has ever escaped from this jail.

Rocha hopes it is also the last time, “Around here nobody really expects it.”