Hillsboro woman shot to death


Hillsboro community is in shock after someone shot and killed a young mother. 

Police say they responded to gunshots fired Friday morning at Crest Ridge Apartments. 

The victim identified by police – Deonshira Slider succumbed to her injuries at the hospital. 

Fox 44 spoke with her neighbors who say another woman shot the victim because they were both involved with the same man. 

They say this was a murder fueled by jealousy and rage.

The victim’s neighbor Marguerite VanDyke says she heard bang bang and bang three times right outside her door in the parking lot that tragic morning. 

She says,”I laid my book down and my glasses and got out from underneath my blanket put my slippers on and peaked out here there was a lady standing here holding a child looking at the ground at first I thought somebody committed suicide.”

She says within minutes police and ambulance flooded this parking lot in front of her apartment. 

A man who didn’t want to speak on camera says the female suspect shot the victim right outside of her car with her young son present. 

VanDyke says,” I was afraid to come out the door, I was peeping out the window and peeping out the door.”

Another neighbor who wishes to remain anonymous knew the young woman. 

He says,” That’s the woman who set up my banking account so I was really shocked I didn’t understand who would do something like that.”

He claims she worked at the First Convenience Bank at the nearby Walmart. 

Saying she worked hard to give her young son a better life. 

He says, “I can’t imagine the feeling and the pain and agony that he’s going through right now and I don’t know if he witnessed it or not but it will be hard on him.”

The neighbors say the victim’s mother is in agony because just recently she lost her son in a car accident and now the daughter. 

If you have any information about this murder contact Hillsboro Police.

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