WACO, TX (FOX 44) – Harvest work is starting up at Homestead Craft Village’s 28th annual Sorghum Festival.

Over 1,500 visitors came today to see the labor making process.

Homestead Craft Village Sorghum Expert Peter May says it is a family moment to enjoy having all hands on deck working towards the same goal.

“From from planting it, weeding it, cutting it, pressing it, and then cooking, it is something that we all get to work together to do,” said May.

May and his team started work at seven in the morning with horses turning the mill.

After eight hours, sorghum finally gets jarred.

“We’ve been doing it for 31 years now,” said May.

At the festival, families enjoyed horse hay rides, different food options and live music.

35 to 40 gallons of sorghum was produced by the end of the day.

“We got a really nice rain yesterday, cooled things down this morning,” said May. “I believe it was like 66 degrees, so it’s an incredibly beautiful day.”

Homestead Craft Village will be harvesting sorghum for the next few weeks.

For Jeffery Chatman and his family, who traveled from San Antonio, it was their first time seeing the work process in person.

“We didn’t know what sorghum was prior to coming here at Heritage, but seeing the whole process of them making sorghum to be making it into the syrup, that was kind of a new thing for us,” said Chatman.

Growing their own sugarcane close to the Brazos River, Chatman is awestruck seeing the normal operations everyone at Homestead Craft Village live by.

“Definitely amazing, just so much that they do here, and Heritage is just amazing for the community,” said Chatman. “With the sorghum, it’s just not sorghum, but its all the different things they have going on out here in this community is amazing. This is being self-sustaining.”

For anyone interested in buying a jar of sorghum, Homestead Craft Village sells them in their craft stores and online.