Honoring Mary St. John


“As soon as she passed away I felt a massive relief, for her, because she’s not in pain anymore,” said Elijah St. John, Mary St. John’s husband.

In a sad turn of events, Mary St. John, the Temple woman in desperate need of a liver transplant, died on Saturday morning.

She leaves behind two daughters, ages 3 and 7, and a heartbroken husband.

But as he mourns, Mary’s husband Elijah is looking forward, and channeling all of his energy into his beautiful girls and raising awareness.

“I hope that they never have to feel the pain I’m feeling, but I want to be able to offer resources to people,” said St. John.

The pain Elijah feels is fresh, Saturday morning doctors were forced to let Mary go.

“Her stomach grew, like tremendously. They believed she had a perforated bowel from the pressure of the kidney and the lung, I mean the liver pressing on it so much it killed them so they told us there’s a possibly she could have surgery so the surgeon came in a few minutes later and told us that most likely there wouldn’t be anything to do,” said Elijah.

She passed away at 9:38 that morning.

“My oldest daughter understood, and she fell, she cried as hard as she fell. She sat up and I rocked her for about an hour, she fell asleep, she cried so hard that her body shut down and she fell asleep,” said Elijah.

He says during those moments, he wasn’t alone. He knew people all all around the world were sending prayers.

“Every single one of them, ‘hey we’re thinking about you’, ‘we’re praying for you’ and it just holds you up just a little bit more,” he said.

He’s incredibly thankful for the outpouring of donations.

“That kind of outpouring of love is unusual in this day in age cause I’m a stranger, I’m not a politician, I’m not a celebrity, so that outpouring of love is beyond what I would have anticipated,” said Elijah.

Now, he hopes to create a foundation in Mary’s honor.

“I want to give people a place that they can go and they know when they click on that, it’ll bring up video, it’ll bring up research studies, it’ll bring up treatment, it’ll bring up everything that they should, the doctor should tell them before hand in one location,” he said.

Mary’s visitation is Friday night and her funeral is Saturday morning at Crawford Bowers Funeral Home in Temple. Elijah says the community is welcome to attend.

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