A house and three vehicles were destroyed by fire at midday Tuesday just outside Moody in McLennan County.

“Being in a rural area, water supply is out biggest problem. We had Lorena show up, we had Bruceville Eddy fire department show up, we had McGregor show up with us,” said Moody’s Fire Chief Mike Alton.

It happened at 1310 Old Country Road.

The alarm was turned in shortly before noon with smoke visible for a great distance.

Firefighters were hampered by a lack of water and the close proximity of another house right behind the one that was burning.

“The close proximity of the house right behind it and the house right beside it and the travel trailer we had to go to protecting those,” said the Fire Chief.

It took firefighters 45 minutes to get it under control

Not only was the house out front destroyed,  but the house behind it received heavy heat and smoke damage as well.

The cause of the fire was unknown early Tuesday afternoon.

A total of eight people, three adults and five children, were affected.

Everyone got out of the house safely.