Intake numbers low at Waco animal shelter


WACO, Texas – The Fourth of July is a great day for food, family, and fireworks. But for your pets, it’s usually stressful due to the fireworks.

The day after is equally stressful on animal shelters – but this year, the Humane Society of Central Texas is sharing good news!

“Right now, we’ve only had about seven animals brought in as strays – which is really good. It’s been a slow day in comparison to previous years,” says Danielle Tate, Shelter Director at the Humane Society of Central Texas.  

In those previous years the animal shelter’s seen, on average, 20 – 30 animals the day of or after the Fourth of July due to animals running away in fear of fireworks.

The director attributes their low intake numbers this year to a group of volunteers who helped return microchipped animals to their owners. 

“When people found a pet, they brought it there, scanned it, and they were able to call the owners and get those animals home at that time,” Tate says.

This reduces some of the shelter’s work load.

“It worked out really good with the volunteers at the off-site location and getting the word out,” Tate says.

However, the shelter is still over capacity. With about 176 dogs and 130 cats, it’s forcing them to adjust their housing spaces.

“Right now we are using temporary kennels, housing some of the animals in, and a lot of the cats we have doubled up on. Some of the dogs, if they’re able to house with another animal, we will house them with another animal,” Tate says.

They are asking folks in Central Texas to help them make room by taking advantage of their adoption special this weekend.

“We have an adoption special for all the larger dogs that are in adoption kennels R, D, and Y. They are free to adopt. The kittens are $40. Our normal adoption is $75,” Tate says.

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