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Investigation into rock throwings continues


The Temple Police Department is urging whoever is responsible for throwing rocks from overpasses to come forward.

This comes after a 33-year-old woman died over the weekend, and someone reported another incident on Tuesday morning – both happening between Exits #302 and #305 from Interstate 35.

“It’s not possible to avoid something like that if it’s going to occur. And you don’t want people driving down the interstate at 65, 70 miles an hour looking up for something or someone on an overpass rather than watching traffic,” says Ken Roberts, TxDOT Spokesperson.

Driving on I-35 already has it’s share of distractions, imagine having to avoid getting hit by rocks on top of that.

“If you were to see somebody on an overpass and it looked like they were going to drop something, traffic is moving along at 70 miles an hour, what are you going to do? You’re not going to slam on your breaks, you’re not going to create a situation,” Roberts says.

Police believe the first rock throwing happened from a railroad overpass at Exit #303 on Saturday night.

“Which resulted in the unfortunate death of Miss Ruby Flores. Simply because of the basis of the outcome of this situation, the result of the young woman losing her life would classify this case as a homicide,” said Chris Christoff, Temple Police Department PIO.

The second happened one exit south at #302 on the Nugent Avenue overpass on Tuesday morning.

“Yeah that’s scary. Especially right now, being Spring Break. I mean, it’s busy, having kids, that’s really scary,” says driver Brooke Middleton.

Police say if you happen to see someone on an overpass, give them a call.

“Basically keep an open eye, we’re not asking our citizens to put themselves in danger, your safety should be a primary concern,” Christoff says.

Though there are no plans right now, TxDOT says they are willing and able to work with the city to avoid another incident moving forward.

“If the city wants to look at some type of potential safety measure, but again it’s going to be in discussion with us, law enforcement and others as to what’s reasonable, what’s feasable and is it really a workable solution,” Roberts says.

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