Jury decides on punishment for Alec Nava


A jury has sentenced Alec Nava to 20 years in prison for the drunk driving crash that cost Rory Barros one of his legs.

Testimony started Tuesday in the case, after Nava pleaded guilty.

Nava was arrested following the crash that took place at Loop 340 and Imperial Drive last August

Paramedics had arrived to work another accident at that location.

Rory Barros had just gotten out of the ambulance when Nava’s vehicle hit him.

Officers at the scene said Nava was drunk and was driving with an invalid license.

Barros had been a medic with ETMC for three years and was only a month from taking his exam to upgrade to paramedic at the time of the crash.

“There is just no tolerance in McLennan county for this type of activity and we hope anyone considering it would twice given what juries here would do,” says Danielle London, who works for the McLennan County District Attorney’ Office.

During a pretrial hearing on July 6th, Alec Nava entered a guilty plea, but it was up to the jury to decide how long his sentence would be.

And today, they decided Nava should spend 20 years behind bars. 

“I’m glad he is getting some kind of consequences, and he’ll realize there are things that happen now whenever you do things at this age,” says Rory Barros, the victim.

But Barros’s family says this is not the end.

“There are no winners here today, there are no victories, his family will be just as impacted as ours has been, but I just wanted him to know that we will forever..he will live with pain for the rest of his life,’ explains Lisa Beck, Rory’s mother-in-law.

Barros continues “I feel that it shows that people from this community showed other people that they do like us, I mean they do care about us, and what happens to us, to put that kind of sentence on that shows everyone else like I said they won’t tolerate it.”

As the judge told Nava about being in jail for 20 years..

“You could tell that the sentencing had an impact on him and he clearly showed that,” says Beck.

Barros says almost a dozen surgeries and the loss of his leg, won’t stop him from living his life.

“Oh goals for the future are unlimited, short term is to get back into therapy as soon as possible, hopefully within the next month or two, and then start my job and then hopefully get back out there and help the community as fast as I can,” Barros continues.

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