The family of Kerry Bradley, the man whose vehicle ran over a Waco Police Swat member on August 1st is now asking for an outside agency to step in and investigate his death.

“We feel that this was a egregious act by the Waco Police Department and they murdered Kerry Bradley.”

The family along with Next Generation Action Network and America’s Choice for Discerning Citizens called a press conference Thursday to call for justice and hold the Waco Police Department accountable for Bradley’s death.

“The Waco Police Department recused themselves from investigating this matter and ask an outside agency to investigate the case regarding Kerry Bradley,” said President and Founder of Next Generation Action Network Minister Dominique R. Alexander.

The police department says swat officers were serving a warrant on suspected drug dealer Kerry Bradley the morning of August 1st on 23rd and Olive. Descriptions of what happened differ from both sides:

“During that stop one of our officers started to approach the vehicle get the suspect out, the suspect accelerated his vehicle running down our officer in the middle of the roadway. The officer was pinned under that vehicle. As officer was pinned, the other officers assisting fired shots at the single occupant of the vehicle that was the driver of the car,” said Sergeant Patrick Swanton with the Waco Police Department on the day of the incident, August 1st, 2017.

“How can you drive with 22 bullets in you? That vehicle at that point he had no control over the vehicle so I do believe he was shot well before he began to move forward in any way shape form or fashion,” said Ernest Walker with America’s Choice for Discerning Citizens.

Another point they disagree on: What officer Will Graber was wearing.

“He was in a tactical uniform which is what our swat guys wear with significant police marking, the hats that we wear are police marked, there’s a large police across the chest of our chest, there’s no doubt he knew he was running over an officer,” said Sergeant Patrick Swanton with the Waco Police Department on the day of the incident, August 1st, 2017.

“Swanton went right on TV and said our officers were in uniform, no they were not,” said Kerry Bradley’s wife Brittany Bradley.

The family says a cell phone video proving Bradley was shot before Officer Graeber was run over exists.

“The life of our witness is more of a concern than you having this video at this point. When we are assured that this witness is safe and we can assure for our witnesses safety then you will have the video,” said Kim T. Cole, General Council for Next Generation Action Network.

The Waco Police Department issued a statement asking anyone with video or who witnessed the event to please come forward. Right now the Texas Rangers and the Special Crimes Unit are investigating the incident.

Officer Graeber’s condition continues to improve and doctors are expecting a full recovery.