KILLEEN, Texas. A Killeen family is demanding answers after their relative, Maikol Colon was found dead.

Family say a dog walker found the 33-year-old’s body in the park on Saturday morning.

“A friend of him came by with a video where they found his body in the park,” says Father, Lorenzo Colon.

“Our friends, they told us, cause they went to the police station, that his pants was lowered, like they dragged his body,” adds Brother, Christopher Colon.

Family says  the victim was missing since Tuesday, 4 days before his death.

Lorenzo says he wasn’t surprised to hear the news about his son because he hanged out with the wrong crowd.

“I say here we go again, cause we warned him from staying away from those guys, but he never listened,” Lorenzo says.

Killeen Police says an autopsy is underway and anyone with information is urged to contact them.