Killeen ISD proposing to hire three extra police officers


The Killeen Independent School District says they are looking to hire at least three extra campus police officers. Administrators say the goal is to improve school safety.

“It’s just part of an overall effort to take a school district that’s been safe so far, and to enhance it in everyway we can,” says KISD spokesman Terry Abbott. 

One officer will be assigned to Shoemaker High School, another will man the Gateway Alternative campus and the last will rotate to middle and elementary facilities across the district. 

“Anytime a student sees a police officer on campus, that is something that gives a student a measure of comfort, and also all the teachers who are there. Our police officers are armed officers. They are fully capable of helping out and defending a situation should we have an intruder,” Abbott said. 

However, Stephanie Moody – a Killeen mother of two – has some concerns.

“I want to know that when we do bring police officers into school, which is sometimes, I’m sure, appropriate, I want to hear that they have training. And they’re not going to go in there guns blazing and that their going to use appropriate tactics,” Moody said. 

If things get out of hand, Moody hopes the new officers will be able to diffuse the situation rather than resorting to excessive force. 

“There going to go into a situation and try to bring it down a few notches. they’re going to do it calm, and reasonably, and professionally, and they’re going to remember that they are in schools and these are kids,” Moody said. 

The Killeen school board will consider approving the district’s proposal this Tuesday.

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