Killeen police involved in shooting incident, one suspect dead


One man is dead and a Killeen police officer is injured after a Wednesday morning shootout.

The police officer was treated and has been released from the hospital. 

Killeen Police say this started when two officers served a narcotics search warrant and an arrest warrant for James Scott Reid. This is when police say someone from inside the house opened fire on the officers.

“And the gunshots wasn’t just one bang. It was bang, bang, bang, bang from both sides,” says a neighbor who did not want to be named.

Police say it started with officers going into the 200 block of W. Hallmark Avenue to arrest James Scott Reed. 

“A detective was authorized to execute a no-knock entry of the residence due to the violent history of Mr. Reed, and he was known to be armed with weapons when he sold narcotics,” says Killeen Police Chief Charles Kimble.

Killeen Police say when the officers got to the door, someone inside the home shot at the officers. 

“Currently the investigation has revealed two Killeen police officers discharged their weapons to stop the threat of the suspect was presenting towards our officers,” Kimble explains.

Officers did go inside the home, and that’s where they found Reed dead.

During the shootout, one officer did receive injuries to his face where he was later treated at a hospital and released. 

“This is really scary. This hit close to home this time. It was right there. And you could hear that shots came from both sides,” says the neighbor.

Officers say they have been investigating Reed for a while now. 

“You see, the violent history that Mr. Reed had, you know, protection of our officers, protection of the defendant and protection of the citizens is foremost,” Kimble explains.

Police say Reed had a history of terroristic threats, robbery and aggravated assault. 

“I’m kind of scared all morning. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on here because I don’t want anyone to hide in the house,” says the neighbor. “It was like in front of my yard, in my yard, it was so close. And I’m not used to this kind of stuff.”

The Texas Rangers will be investigating the shooting.

Police say a woman was in the house with Reed at the time of the shootout. She is in the Killeen City Jail on drug-related charges. Her name has not been released. 


Killeen Police were working an officer involved shooting Wednesday morning in the 200 block of West Hallmark Avenue.

Police said the first call from the scene came in at 6:00 a.m.

Police later revealed that officers had gone to 215 West Hallmark to serve a narcotics search and arrest warrant.

During the execution of the warrant it was found that two people were in the home. 

Gunfire was exchanged between the man now identified as James Scott Reed and two officers.

Reed was pronounced deat by Justice of the Peace Bill Cooke at 7:00 1.m.

A woman present at the time was taken into custody and transported to the Killeen City Jail on narcotics related charges.

One officer was injured,  but not from the gunfire and is expected to be OK

The scene was reported secure and safe as of 7:20 a.m.

Texas Rangers will be taking over the investigation of the incident.

Several roads in the area were closed and morning motorists were advised to find alternate routes.

A neighbor who did not want to be identified said she and her family were awakened by multiple gunshots this morning, saying gunfire was “going in both directions”

She said she had lived in the area about five years and while the neighborhood had been somewhat known for drug related activity, that things had seemed to be getting better lately.

She said this incident so close to her family’s home had left her concerned for their safety.

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