Killeen property owner catches violent brawl on camera


Police are investigating a violent brawl between several teens at a home in Killeen.

Video shows the group arguing with a girl and an elderly woman.

The property owner, who is also her neighbor caught it all on camera and now he’s hoping this video can help police find the group involved.

Mark Dozer and Lisa Wise bought their home on YS Pak Court in Killeen six months ago, but what they saw at their home on Nov. 16 is shocking.

“I was down here in the kitchen when I started to hear a little bit of noise. I didn’t think it was too much going on but then I just heard like loud screaming and it sounded like a lot of people,” Wise said.

“I’m just to be honest, I am thankful that no one got hurt,” Dozer said. “Seeing these young adults with guns is very terrifying. It’s at the front door and at the other side there’s another kid with a gun.”

Frightened neighbors heard the commotion right outside their front door and it wasn’t until they saw the security cameras to find out what’s going on.

“I looked and I just saw a giant crowd of people that looked like they were pushing their way into their house and it honestly terrified me,” Wise said.

The tenant had family over that night. Hours later that’s when a group of teenagers came to the woman’s door, an argument broke out and they left. Moments later, the group came back with a bigger crowd and a gun.

“I chose to vocalize that that ‘hey you are on on camera,'” Dozer said.

Dozer then came out and confronted them. He told them he had cameras rolling. That’s when the group ran off.

“I chose to vocalize that that ‘hey you are on on camera,'” Dozer said.

After speaking to his tenant after the brawl, Dozer believes the group was coming after a family member. They’re hoping now the teens get caught soon.

If you have any information about what happened, call Killeen police.

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