The Killeen Independent School District is planning to step up security measures in the coming weeks. 

The half-a-billion dollar voter-approved bond is giving school administrators the reigns to update campus safety.

“The world’s just getting crazy,” says parent Lucy Acuna. 

Acuna will be holding her kids tight tonight, after yet another school shooting. 

“I’m scared everyday to drop my kids off because I don’t know what’s going to happen with the shootings nowadays,” Acuna said. 

“That child is that parent’s most precious possession in life. That parent’s job is to protect that child and then they give that child to us to protect,” says KISD spokesman Terry Abbott. 

Thanks to the recently passed school bond, KISD school administrators are working towards making schools harder targets – starting with installing special secure lobbies at the entrance of every campus. 

“A visitor has to come in to a holding area and the doors are locked. They can’t get past that unless they are buzzed into that inside area,” Abbott said. 

They’re also planning to add protective fencing around schools, as well as building two new campuses, relieving over crowding and getting rid of portables. 

“It’s less safe then a traditional school building. By building our new high school in the bond and reducing overcrowding, we’re going to be able to bring all those kids who were in trailers back inside the building. Which is much more safe,” Abbott said. 

With three kids enrolled in Killeen schools, Acuna never wants to imagine losing any one of them. 

“Nowadays there are a lot of people out there. They’ll do what they have to do to get into the schools and start shooting up. I think they’re doing good to sit there and try to do everything they can,” Acuna said. 

KISD is planning to spend about $4 million on safety and security improvements. School administrators say crews will be making updates in the coming weeks.