Waco, Texas (FOX44) — Many Central Texas cities have declared restrictions on water usage due to severe drought conditions.

In Waco, level-two restrictions went into effect yesterday meaning there are certain days people are allowed to water their lawns.

It’s a big challenge for gardeners and yard owners trying to keep everything green, but landscapers say you can still keep everything fresh by doing less work.

“We need the rain with them doing restrictions like that, we’re going to have a lot of dead plants,” said Tomas Carvoza, owner of Tomas Lawn and Tree Services.

Carvoza has been managing his landscaping company for nearly 20 years.

He says well kept lawns can normally last without water for four to six weeks.

However, lawns without care won’t last long.

“Within one, two, three weeks depending on how high it is, but if they’re not maintaining it, it won’t survive,” said Carvoza.

To preserve the grass from needing water, he encourages homeowners to cut back on the lawnmowing.

“The shorter you cut it, the more it starts to water, so I say to leave it as long as possible as you can because the more grass you got covering the ground will help it keep moisture,” said Carvoza.

Mark Barnett with Picture Perfect landscaping says you can conserve water by adjusting your sprinkler settings.

“You don’t need to water a large bed or anything, you can put a drip line down the row of shrubs so they only water the roots of the shrubs,” said Barnett.

Barnett also recommends adjusting sprayheads to prevent water from evaporating and lowering the water pressure to control the range of the sprinklers.

“With the restrictions this will help focus on keeping plants alive.” said Barnett. “Now, they may not look their best. There may be some brown scorching, but the main goal right now is to keep the roots alive, the stems alive, so that when we do get sufficient moisture, the plants can recover faster.”