CENTRAL TEXAS (FOX 44) – FOX 44 is teaming up with Lone Star Roof Systems to shine a spotlight on the exceptional children in Central Texas.

It’s called the 12 under 12 amazing kids.

Our July winner is 10-year-old Harley Castaneda of Waco and she attends La Vega Elementary.

Her mother says Harley enjoys playing softball and she is the most generous child. She also mentions how Harley is always the first to help others before thinking about herself.

Harley wants to be a doctor when she grows up and is already winning class awards for subjects like reading!

“It was at the end of the year and I got it for doing good and reading because I had a’s and b’s the whole time.” says Harley 12 Under 12 July winner.

Congratulations Harley!

If you’d like to nominate a child for the 12 under 12 amazing kid award, you can visit here.