Protecting your plants during cold weather

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WACO, Texas – After a long stretch of warm weather, parts of Central Texas could see record-breaking low temperatures this week.

A freeze watch has already been issued for parts of North Texas on Wednesday – and while lows aren’t expected to reach freezing in Central Texas, we do have the potential to see near record-breaking temperatures.

The current record low for April 21st in Waco is 43 degrees, and we are expecting lows to be in the upper 30s.

These kinds of temperatures won’t do any damage to your home, but they may damage your plants.

“If you get a good breezy north wind, and its 40 degrees or less, 38 to 40, it’ll sure burn the foliage up,” says Gregg Houck, Owner of Westview Nursery and Landscape.

There are a few things you can do to prepare your plants for Wednesday morning’s cold temperatures.

“Watering it before it gets cold helps insulate the plants. Some plants, if they’ve got them in the ground already, they’re probably going to have to cover them up. You could get some buckets to put on top of them, or I’ve got a fabric called insulate that you could lay on top, and it will help keep them warm and keep them from getting damaged,” says Houck.

Taking plants inside if you can is also recommended.

“The ones I would be concerned about would be periwinkles, potato vines, esperanza, and coleus. Shrubbery and trees, I wouldn’t worry about any of those,” says Houck.

The most important thing you can do is cover them up.

“Just make sure you get something to cover them up or move them in. Like I said, we carry an insulating blanket that will keep out the frost or anything and keep out the wind from hitting it,” says Houck.

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