Vanessa Guillén memorial mural damaged again

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KILLEEN, Texas- According to LULAC’S Facebook page, the Vanessa Guillén mural saw some damage again.

A gas station clerk saw what happened: “Friday, I was working, and there was a homeless guy come to the store and something told me to go outside and check the side of the store, and when I got there, I saw him messing with the candles, trying to pick them up, maybe trying to light it,” says gas station clerk Carl Lamb.

When Mayor Jose Segarra heard the news about the damage to the mural, he went to check it out himself.

“It’s more than just a picture. It’s a tribute to a city. It’s a tribute to a soldier that represents the city, cause the city is made of veterans here, that was she was a veteran,” says Mayor Segarra.

Being part of the Killeen community, Carl shared his pain about the mural being damaged.

“It’s hurtful, because there’s a meaning behind the mural. The mural stands for something terrible. Tragic situation that happened. And for someone to even put there hands near it, deface it, that’s a problem,” says Lamb.

Mayor Segarra says the mural brings unity to the community.

“It’s sad that something like that happened, but I think they’ll get it fixed right away because she has tremendous support. The mural has tremendous support,” says Segarra.

Out of respect to the Guillén family, Sergeant Williams helped clean up the broken candles.

“I’m glad Sergeant Williams was able to do that, and they’re out there looking and taking care of not just the family members, but everyone that had to do with that,” says Segarra.

Mayor Segarra also says they want to let the Guillén family know the City of Killeen is always thinking of them.

“Vanessa will always be in our heart. And every time you drive by it, you can’t forget about it,” says Segarra.

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