L-3 Aerospace Systems has announced it has delivered the freshly painted lead aircraft from World War II’s Normandy Invasion to the San Marcos-based Commemorative Air Force Central Texas Wing.

The Douglas C-47 named ” That’s All, Brother”, was a military transport that led the massed Allied paratroop drop on June 6, 1944 that is also known as ” D-Day”.

The drop was part of the secret Operation Overlord, a combined naval, air and land assault in Normandy, France to gain a tactical advantage and position the Allies to eventually liberate Nazi-occupied France.

L-s’s Waco facility provided the restorative paint job as an in-kind donation to the CAF using aircraft paint and supplies donated by Consolidated Aircraft Coatings.

The paint colors and markings were selected for an authentic appearance of the aircraft’s D-Day exterior, with custom details such as hand-painted irregular black and white invasion stripes.

” That’s All, Brother” was one of thousands of aircraft to receive the invasion stripes over the course of two days in preparation for the Allied operation.

” We are proud to support the Commemorative Air Force in helping restore this amazing part of history,” said Joel Cross, Chief of Operations for L-3 Aerospace Systems in Waco.

“While we excel at providing modern mission solutions for today’s warfighter, our employees are humbled to help the CAF restore this vintage and historically significant aircraft to its original appearance.”

The D-Day C-47 ” That’s All, Brother” restoration project began after the aircraft was discovered in 2015 languishing in a Wisconsin boneyard.

Since then, it has been the focus of fundraisers, crowdsourcing and industry partnerships to restore the aircraft as close to its original configuration as possible.

The aircraft is slated to return to Normandy in 2019 to mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion.