A man accused of breaking into a woman’s house, restraining and beating her, sexually assaulting and robbing her has been sentenced to life in prison after a trial in a Bell County Court.

Evan Andrew Basham had been charged with aggravated sexual assault and aggravated robbery in the case.

Friends of the victim had caught Basham in the house in Temple where the assaults occurred and held him for police after they had gone to the home to check on their friend.

It all happened in November 2016 with police spokesperson Shawana Neely saying the attacker had been waiting at the home of the victim on Canyon Creek Drive.

Police say the victim arrived home and entered her house through a garage that faces on the alley behind the residence.

The attacker was already inside wearing a mask and armed with what was believed by the victim to be a pistol.

The victim was hit in the head and tied up with zip cords and duct tape and sexually assaulted.

The victim’s friends became concerned when she did not meet them as scheduled and did not answer her cell phone calls or text messages.

They went to check on her and when they saw her garage door open, entered the home and heard the victim calling for help.

At that point they spotted a man later identified as then 34-year-old Evan Andrew Basham attempting to leave.

Her friends fought with him as they called police and held him until officers arrived.

Police also had to struggle with him, but managed to get him in handcuffs and into custody.

Detectives recovered a black bag that contained, among other things, a Smith and Wesson .38 caliber revolver loaded with four rounds.