NORTH TEXAS (FOX 44/KWKT) — As we approach day 6 of the Hamas-Israel Conflict, the death toll has surpassed hundreds, with thousands of innocent lives lost among both Israelis and Palestinians.

Close to home in North Texas, communities are uniting to pray over and advocate, for their own.

Member of the Palestinian Youth Movement or PYM Dallas Chapter Nashwa Abdelwahed wants people to understand the circumstances Palestinians are undergoing.

“Palestinians can’t breathe. In Gaza right now, what you see is a full-harsh blockade by land, air, and sea. Gaza has been placed under a suffocating 16-year-long blockade, which has denied the people of Gaza even the right to live,” says Abdelwahed.

On the other side of the spectrum, Jewish community Akiba Yavneh Academy in North Texas, is rallying together to pray for their loved ones in Israel.

“And its not just that we will demonstrate strength for that. It’s that in doing this, we will strengthen each other.”

As each day goes by, many people are wondering if there is an end in sight.

“This has been a barbaric attack on children, mothers, grandmothers, innocent civilians,” one mother with family in Israel shares.

As for Abdelwahed and the Palestinian Youth Movement,

“I want to see the full liberation of Palestine, the full liberation of the Palestinian people. I think that all the the apartheid walls, the border walls need to go. I think that the blockade and the siege on Gaza needs to end.”