Local fundraiser to help DACA recipients


Nearly two months after the Supreme Court ruled it would not hear a DACA case, the lives of thousands of dreamers, still up in the air.

That ruling makes it possible for dreamers to continue to apply for renewals, but the costs quickly add up.

Three local organizations — Waco Immigrants Alliance, Greater Waco Legal Services and American Gateways — are joining forces to help knock that down.

“The fundraiser is to be able to raise funds that will offset the cost of renewing applications for DACA recipients,” said Maria Delgado with Waco Immigrants Alliance.

Each DACA application has a filing fee of nearly $500, an amount that can be hard to come by. That’s where Greater Waco Legal Services and American Gateways come in.

“There have been several clients and others that you know, it takes a little time for them to save that up and anything that they can get to help them out with that would be great,” said Kent McKeever, founder of Greater Waco Legal Services.

“And often it’s not just the $495 fee, but then you add on top of it, attorneys fees so that’s why I think it’s really important to help support these young people,” said Anali Looper, Staff Attorney and Director of American Gateways.

Grecia Chavira is living in Waco with a DACA status, she says it’s important to help those who are struggling.

“A lot of dreamers who are applying for DACA renewals are college students, or they are working part time and they are college students, they are working full time and barely making ends meet,” said Chavira.

For her — it’s a never-ending cycle.

“If your permit expires, you are out of work, until you are able to renew but you can’t work and earn money to renew your permit if you’re not allowed to work,” said Chavira.

Waco Immigrants Alliance is already collecting funds, but Friday, April 27th, they’ll host an event at Lakeshore Baptist Church.

“What we are doing different is that we are not doing like an admission price, we’re asking for whatever people are able to donate, if it’s a family maybe $20 for the whole family and if they aren’t able to we’ll just leave it to the level of the ability to the individual,” said Delgado.

Click HERE to learn more about Friday’s fundraising event.

Click HERE to donate online.

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April 29 2021 07:00 pm

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