WACO, Texas (FOX 44/KWKT) — Many are getting into the Halloween spirit and with Halloween just a few days away, law enforcement are laying down some ground rules to ensure everyone has a fun and safe time.

On behalf of the Temple Police Department, Public Relations Coordinator Megan Price says property and vehicle damage is a crime that happens quite often on Halloween.

“If you are going trick or treating and no one is going to be at your home, making sure that you’re locking your doors, maybe leaning on some outside lights, that way it’s kind of a deterrent for anybody maybe looking to break in,” shares Price.

Some extra precautions all trick or treaters can take on Halloween night…

“Be sure to stay in well-lit areas, avoid cutting through alleys or darker streets, and make sure to stay in those well-lit parts of the neighborhood or streets you might be on. Also, using reflective gear is really important,” says Price.

She also encourages parents and guardians to keep children on the sidewalks as much as possible and to monitor the size of their costumes, to ensure they don’t trip over them and potentially fall into the street.

But the biggest safety check law enforcement are reminding everyone of,

“If the candy is open, don’t eat it. So that’s why it’s really important to just check your kids candy because you don’t know what happened to it or why it’s open. So the best bet is to just teach them, you know, go through each piece and if the feels broken, throw it away,” shares Waco PD Public Information Officer Cierra Shipley.

An alternative to trick or treating is attending community events.

“There’s a lot of trick or treats going around around town. And those are probably going to be your best bet. Of course, we have one that we’re partnering with, Waco ISD Police Department with. So, you know, that’s just one way for us to have a safe and you control to trick or treat,” says Shipley.

For more information on events in the greater-Waco area, you can visit here.

FOX 44 also wants to thank Halloween City in Waco for their assistance.