The U.S. Attorney’s Office has announced that defense contractor Maytag Aircraft Corporation has agreed to pay $1,901,200.96 to resolve allegations the company negligently allowed a jet fuel spill at Fort Hoods’s Robert Gray Airfield Bulk Storage and Hydrant facility, then made false statements to federal investigators to avoid paying cleanup costs.

The incident occurred January 30, 2014 with the government alleging that Maytag employees negligently failed to close a fuel separator valve.

The open valve and pressure in the system caused fuel to overflow the capacity of the underground waste fuel tank, spew out of the ground, and run into a nearby creek.

The government claimed that Maytag should pay for the cost of a contractor to conduct an emergency cleanup, pay for property damage and pay for the lost fuel.

The government also claimed that Maytag employees falsely told investigators the valve was closed and locked before the spill.

“The United States expects contractors that operate on military bases to be good stewards of federal lands and federal property,” said U.S. Attorney Ashley Hoff. “We will hold these contractors responsible for actions that cause environmental harm and negatively affect the health and safety of uniformed service members, civilian employees, and the community.”