WACO– The Homestead Fair is a time for people to come and learn different skills, but also for the Homestead Heritage community to showcase their talents from food, to music, to crafts, to farming.

“All the activities, all of the products are all made by people within the Homestead community,” the fair director Josiah Wheeler said.

The Homestead Heritage community began about 50 years ago in New York, and their purpose is to preserve and restore traditional patterns for community and family living.

Attendees can learn how to sew, quilt, make brooms, woodwork and leatherwork.

There are also agricultural exhibits showing how to do tasks on the farm such as milk a cow and heard sheep.

“You can actually go down into the farm and see what we’re doing, how we’re doing it,” spokesperson Andrew Taylor said.

Taylor says there are about eight Homestead Heritage Communities in the world, but the Waco group is the largest.

“Here we have about 1,200 people,” Taylor said. “Some of the other communities, it may be 150, 200, maybe only three dozen.”

Each year, they host the fair on Thanksgiving weekend and expect about 20,000 people.

“We not only have a chance to say thanks for what we have, but then also to be able to share a little bit of that with the surrounding community,” Taylor said.

The Homestead Heritage community has shops that are open every Monday-Saturday. The festival shows those businesses on a new level.

“The festival is an opportunity for many others to come that might not come throughout the year,” Taylor said. “It’s just a special time to share our life with others.”

The festival will continue tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.