Abnormally warm weather in Central Texas

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WACO, Texas – It’s not summer yet, but with temperatures like these it sure feels like it.

“We’re basically around 10 degrees above average. Actually, the record high for today is 95,” says Juan Hernandez, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

This abnormally warm weather can be attributed to many things – but the main culprit is the wind.

“During the springtime, we get winds out of the southwest. And usually when that happens, they are fairly warm winds. Which is the case today. We’re seeing winds out of the south and southwest, which are bringing the fairly warm temperatures, basically,” says Hernandez.

It feels even warmer outside, with the heat index reaching the triple digits in some places.

“It’s the calculation based on the temperature and the humidity. So basically how it works is the hotter it is and more humid it is, the warmer it is going to feel. So for example, today we have a heat index of about 100 degrees for the Waco area. It’s going to feel to your body as though it is 100 degrees,” says Hernandez.

This heat could be dangerous for anyone outside for an extended amount of time.

“This could be dangerous for anyone who is outside for long periods of exposure to the heat. That’s why we always recommend if you do choose to be outside to take the necessary precautions, drink water, and stay hydrated,” says Hernandez.

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