WACO, Texas – A bicyclist is in the hospital recovering from serious injuries after he was hit by a pickup truck Wednesday morning on the intersection of Franklin Avenue and New Road.

Police say the man on the bike is suffering from injuries to his head and leg, and that he was attempting to cross New Road on his bike when he was hit. This is the second accident at this intersection in two days.

Three cars were involved in a crash on Tuesday night – leaving one person dead and five others with injuries. One of the drivers ran away from the area. Police are advising everyone to be careful on this intersection.

“If you are someone that does regularly walk around this area or ride a bike around this area, just know that this is a very heavily-traveled intersection for vehicles, as well. And sometimes when you are walking or when you are on a bicycle, it’s a little bit harder to see for someone that’s inside a vehicle. So please just be cautious. Continue to be cautious. I know that multiple people have been struck right in this area,” says Officer Garen Bynum, of the Waco Police Department.

Police say the driver of the pickup truck in Wednesday’s crash was not injured, and is cooperating with information.

Source: Waco Police Department