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WACO. Texas – The most common New Year’s resolution people make is going to the gym and getting in shape.

“I think we should always strive to be better and I don’t want to say that’s bad about the New Year because it’s important to be motivated for change right and that’s what’s really good about the New Year, but every day you wake up it’s another opportunity to be better at what you can do.” says local gym owner and personal trainer Joel Delaney.

Personal trainer and gym owner Joel Delaney says you should first set an attainable goal.

“It has to be maintainable, and it has to be something that you will do, you have to sustain it, so if its not something you can live with, if you’re miserable you’re not going to keep up with it.” says Delaney.

The new year doesn’t always mean there needs to be change, in 2021 Delaney will continue to follow CDC guidelines to stay open.

“We were cleaning equipment before COVID happened, I’m a trainer I wash ends and cleanup between clients I’ve done that before COVID, we try to be hygienic around here, we still do, all the equipment is 6 feet apart, I did do that during lockdown guarantee everything is 6 feet apart.” says Delaney.

While there might be some people unsure of going back into gyms this year because of COVID-19, there are other options to keep those fitness goals.

“If you train too hard you can actually lead yourself open to getting sick so most your training should be done probably 50-60% and just keep moving.” says Delaney.

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April 29 2021 07:00 pm

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